About Us

Founded by a team of professionals with over 20 years of Blue Chip executive level experience in leadership. The team have worked with a range of financial and technological providers, managing regional and EMEA operations and sales.

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Our Mission at Tayahs Technology Distribution, Clean Air Technology

Our Mission

Tayahs Technology is a technological distribution company with a mission to bring practical solutions to help solve your everyday problems.

Partnering with leading manufacturers and trusted providers to bring you the very best products that will enable your business as usual activities to flourish. Our products minimise risks to your staff, customers and loved ones enabling you to focus on running your business and ensuring you feel protected and safe in your home.

Brand Values

  • Integrity – We are what we deliver and we strive to ensure our products are always the best in class
  • Innovation – We pledge to find the most dynamic solutions on the market to meet your needs
  • Peace of mind – We aim to source the most viable options to best support your business in delivering a safe working environment
Brand Values at Tayahs Technology Distribution, Clean Air Technology
Tays Tech, Clean Air Technology