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Commercial Solutions - air purification and disinfection units

Our focus has been to help provide you with peace of mind, supporting the minimisation of risk in any public or commercial indoor space.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) states that poor ventilation in confined indoor spaces is associated with increased transmission of respiratory infections. The guidance is clear that recirculated air without filtration or purification should be avoided.*

We therefore searched the market to find an effective solution to help you manage and reduce risk in today's global pandemic. Understanding the duty of care that you have for your employees, clients and customers, we know the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment and believe that we have found the solution.


The EBC Mobile Disinfection Purifier is perfect for commercial solutions where restricted air flow is unavoidable. Providing indoor spaces with a purification circulation air flow of 1200m³/h, and a bacterial killing rate of 99.9%. Giving you and your workforce a safe, clean and controlled workspace and allowing you to focus on what’s important. As well as the commercial unit pictured we can also provide units for lifts and public bathrooms. Contact us for more information.

Commercial air purification and disinfection units

£2,350 per unit

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